Facilities available 24 hours a day in Chennai Krishna Hospital®, are

  • Center for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopy - Chennai Endoscopy Center®®--- For all Video Endoscopies
  • Laser And Stapler Surgery for Piles, 'VAAFT' Surgery for Fistula
  • Chennai Laparoscopic Key Hole surgery Center --- For all Video Laparoscopic Surgeries with DVD/Photo Report
  • Lakshmi scans --- Latest Ultrasound Scan
  • Krishna Pharmacy with Computerized Billing
  • ICU with Monitors and Ventilators
  • Central Oxygen supply
  • Advanced Operation theatre with Latest Monitors
  • Advanced Delivery Room with Latest instruments for monitoring Both mother and baby
  • 100 MA X-ray / Computerized Lab & ECG. computerised lab with affiliation to CMC vellore for quality control
  • 15 Inpatient Beds to cater all sections of Public
  • Air Conditioned Ambulance facility
  • Entire Hospital is Computer inter-connected, for best monitoring purposes
  • Ample parking space for both car and two weheelers.